Best News Ever: Marinating Meat With Beer Can Possibly Cure Cancer

imageBest News Ever: Marinating Meat With Beer Can Possibly Cure…

With the advent of spring comes cookouts, and just in case you needed a reason to incorporate more beer into your life, here’s your excuse.

A group of scientists in Portugal just released the best study to ever grace the pages of the American Chemical Society’s “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.”

The study proves that marinating meat in beer before grilling is an effective way to reduce the formation of cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that form as a result of the chemical processes that occur on the grill.

To yield these amazing results, researchers grilled four batches of meat. One batch was of untouched pork steaks, and the subsequent groups were pork marinated for four hours in three different types of beer.

The results proved that dark beer combatted PAH most effectively, beating out pilsner and nonalcoholic beer types.

Dark beer reduced the overall PAH count by 53 percent, whereas nonalcoholic beer achieved a 25 percent lessening of PAHs. Pilsner weakly reduced PAHs by a mere 13 percent.

Cheers to that.

H/T PS Mag, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr

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