Margarita Forés is Asia’s Best Female Chef 2016


Margarita Forés has been named as the Asia’s Best Female Chef ahead of the announcement of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list on February 29th 2016.
Forés, who was originally inspired to cook by a trip to Italy back in 1987, was awarded the prize for her work in Manila where she operate a number of Italian inspired restaurants and catering company.
The chef has also recently opened a culinary institute in the Philippines where she teaches young chefs about the traditional cooking techniques of Italian cooking. She has also helped co-author a book called Kulinarya – a collection of regional dishes from the Philippines.
Speaking about the award, William Drew, Group Editor of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, said: “Margarita Forés is a worthy recipient of the Asia’s Best Female Chef Award. A true leader in her country’s restaurant sector, her dedication, culinary skills and pioneering efforts have elevated the dining scene in the Philippines and set a new benchmark for other chefs and restaurateurs to follow.”

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