Pringles has released Chili Cheese Tortilla and Hot Diggity Dog Flavorchips that you can combine for a wacky flavor combination


image Flavored Pringles: they’re way beyond sour cream and onion now.
We’ve already reported on the unusual new hot dog Pringles, described as the Hot Diggity Dog Flavor, but there’s more where those came from. Pringles has announced two other new flavors: Lightly Salted Cheese and Chili Cheese Tortilla. The Lightly Salted Cheese flavor is a low-sodium option for snackers who are looking to make better choices. The Chili Cheese Tortilla ones are reminiscent of Doritos. Pringles wants the world to try out a mind-blowing “recipe” for chili cheese dogs, achieved simply by combining Hot Diggity Dogs with Chili Cheese Tortillas.”Pringles has always been about bold, fun flavors,” says Mark Miller, Pringles marketing director. “Hot Diggity Dog is just our latest fun flavor offering. Fun fact — if you stack them with a Pringles Chili Cheese Tortilla you get a chili cheese dog!”
We tried out the Hot Diggity Dog Pringles and found that they mostly tasted like ketchup-flavored chips; they were bizarre, but not necessarily terrible. Combined with the Chili Cheese Tortilla variety, we’re sad to report that the chili cheese dog recipe missed the mark, and tasted more like tangy, ketchup-y Doritos with an aftertaste of cheddar cheese. We’ll probably stick with Sour Cream and Onion from now on.

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