Sandwiches to Keep You Full This Winter

image Whether you prefer a simple sandwich, a panini, a hoagie (aka a sub or a hero), or a towering creation worthy of Dagwood, these choices all have one thing in common: they include delicious ingredient combinations in between two perfect pieces of bread. To keep your tummy full and satisfied, we’ve brought together 24 of our most incredible sandwich recipes, likely to make lunch your new favorite meal. We’ve included the classics, like a grilled Reuben and a buttery Cuban, but we’ve also added some unexpected sandwiches like bacon grilled cheese or asparagus and prosciutto paninis, so everyone can find something to satisfy their taste buds. Of course, we included some of our vegetarian favorites, like Greek spinach and feta, to keep everyone full of the sandwich love this winter. image Each of these sandwiches could be paired with some crunchy homemade potato chips or baked sweet potato friesfor a delicious and filling meal. The best part about these recipes is that you can serve them at any time, from family dinners to tailgates to dinner parties. No matter the occasion, everyone loves a good, hot sandwich!

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