Commence Freak-Out: Oreo Has Released A Flavor That Tastes Likes A Hostess Cupcake



Nabisco’s newest cookie is a filled cupcake-flavored Oreo cookie that will hit shelves nationwide next week.

After months of teasing fans with yet another new flavor to come out of the Oreo Wonder Vault (the last one was the return of Red Velvet Oreos), Nabisco has finally announced the latest Oreo innovation: filled cupcake-flavored Oreo. If you’re having trouble picturing what exactly a filled cupcake-flavored Oreo is, think about the Hostess chocolate, cream-filled cupcake in cookie form.We predicted this newest flavor way back in October, when images of the new Oreo were leaked online.

The Craziest Oreo Flavors Ever

The regular chocolate Oreo cookie is filled with chocolate filling with a creamy vanilla center that implores you to “twist and lick!” (As if we don’t already do that with every type of Oreo, Nabisco.)This new limited-edition flavor is available while supplies last for $4.49 a box, although we can’t imagine anyone would just buy one box of these. How un-American would that be? The cupcake flavor is straight out of the Oreo Wonder Vault, a mysterious entity that according to Oreo “can contain as many as 50 prototype flavors and more than 100 additional ideas at one time.” Every flavor is tried and tested before making its way out of the vault for the masses to consume.

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