Pepper Lunch In Las Vegas

A dish from “Japanese DIY Teppan” concept Pepper Lunch


4258 Spring Mountain Rd #107
Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 272-0818 Visit Website

A long-awaited new addition to Spring Mountain Road is already drawing crowds of curious diners, looking forward to “sizzling” their own dishes at the Shanghai Plaza. Self-described “Japanese DIY Teppan” restaurant Pepper Lunch has arrived on the ground floor of Shanghai Plaza. After ordering via a touch-screen device or at the counter, servers bring Pepper Lunch’s “patented electromagnetic plates” heated up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to each seat so diners can cook the ingredients to their desired temperature. Included on the menu, packed with photos to help guide first-time customers, beef, chicken, eel, shrimp, salmon, and curry options, premium rib eye and New York steak upgrades, salads, teriyaki creations, tofu, vegetable choices, and cream chicken, or kale and spinach pasta selections. Extra toppings can be added to each meal, joining sides of rice, miso soup, sweet potato wedges, onion rings, fries and a seaweed shake salad.

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