Nacho Daddy has employees sign COVID-19 liability form before returning to work

A Las Vegas restaurant chain had its employees sign a liability form before going back to work. Some employees at Nacho Daddy said they didn’t sign it and were fired. 

“It felt like I was given an ultimatum of basically have myself fired or compromise my legal rights,” said a former employee who requested to keep her identity anonymous. 

“I was like I can’t sign this. I can’t live with myself if I sign this contract,” said another employee who also asked for anonymity

The first paragraph of the document said, “I understand by signing this document, I am any/all waiving legal rights I may have against Nacho Daddy in reference to returning to work amidst the coronavirus pandemic. I understand that there is still the possibility of contracting COVID-19 upon returning to work. I will follow any and all policies directed by the Nacho Daddy Corporation that are put in place for my safety and to minimize contraction of the disease.” 
One of the former employees said she has family members who have autoimmune diseases.

“I just felt that me going back to work for them to avoid bankruptcy and risk my health and my families health wasn’t worth it,” she said. 

“Obviously COVID hasn’t disappeared, so we need to make sure that they’re fully aware of the situation and they’re coming back to work willingly,” said Nacho Daddy president and co-founder Paul Hymas. 

Hymas said all employees who returned to work took a COVID-19 training class explaining how to social distance with customers and new cleaning protocols. He said after the class, they were given the liability form to acknowledge they understand the new safety measures. Hymas did not say how much the restaurant’s employees are compensated. Both employees said they still do not know if they can collect unemployment

“I hope that as we start reopening and all these restaurants and casinos and hotels start bringing back their service industry employees that are in hospitality industry, just treat their employees a lot better and use us an example of what not to do,” said one of the former employees.

All Nacho Daddy locations in Las Vegas are now open.

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